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For this assignment you will reflect on the role dance plays in your life. It is not difficult, but I do expect you to spend some time thinking about each question, and I expect you to craft a well articulated response to each. Please use complete sentences and fully address each question, make sure you edit for grammar and spelling mistakes, and include the original questions with your submission. You also need to answer each question, you don’t just get to say yes or no, you need to explain your responses. Allow yourself to think outside the box, and expand on how you see dance as it relates to you and your community.


I hope you have some fun with this one.


Dance and You Survey:

1. Is dance an integral part of your life? Why or why not?


2. Do you think dance was/is a central component in the lives of your parents? Your grandparents? Why or why not?


3. In what specific locations does dancing take place in your community?


 4. What role do you play in dance in your community?


 5. How is dance a part of your culture or regular life?


 6. Do you see yourself as a dancer? Why or why not?


 7. Why, or why not, do you participate in dance activities/events?


 8. Is dance in your community a source of cultural pride or identity?


9. In your community is there an age when kids no longer feel comfortable with spontaneous dancing? Is that different for boys and girls?


10. How specialized are the dance forms in your community?

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