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Instructions tell if the sentence is a Fragment or complete sentence? 

1) Because the rain was unrelenting, the referee was forced to cancel the game. 

2) A group of children, riding their bicycles around the neighborhood like they own the place.

3) People from all over the world traveling to Disneyland.

4) Please stop.

5) Since pollution has become such an issue for the environment.

6) The old oak tree swaying gently in the breeze. 

7) Thinking out loud, the instructor accidentally divulged the answer to a critical test question.

8) Managing to get stuck in the mud.

9) Relaxing at the beach with an ice cold glass of lemonade is divine.

10) Nothing seems real.


Instructions: Tell if the sentence is a run on, comma splice or correct

1) Dunedin offers a wide range of activities Clearwater, however, offers only a few.

2) Since the rain lasted all day, Sam was unable to take his goldfish for a walk.

3) Frank prepared the dinner while Susan set the table, they made a good team.

4) Contributing to a political candidate is a good start but voting is better. 

5) Eileen loves her parents, they deposit money into her checking account.

6) The hikers got lost, unfortunately, because they underestimated the rough terrain. 

7) After dinner, my neighbor eats an ice cream sandwich, then he walks three miles.

8) Running with scissors in his hand, the barber attempted to catch the thief but he got away.  

9) Best friends need to support each other, not argue with each other. 

10) The internet is the greatest invention since the printing press, both changed the way information is delivered. 

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