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job posting analysis

job posting analysis

Assignment 1: Job Posting Analysis

Step 1: Find a job posting
Choose a detailed job posting for a co-op position you are interested in applying to. Please note, the job
posting you use for this assignment will also be used for your resume, cover letter, and interview
preparation assignments as well – so please make sure it is closely aligned to your ideal job goal.

Copy and paste your selected posting in the space below. Use the highlighter function to highlight any
keywords or phrases that you think are important to the role-especially regarding specific job duties and the
skills, experience, and education/training needed to carry out those duties.

Job Title

Company Name

Company Profile

Job Duties


Assignment 1: Job Posting Analysis

Step 2: Understand the employer & their wants
Ensure you’ve read the job posting thoroughly – paying close attention to who the employer is and what they
are looking for. In your own words, answer the following questions to demonstrate your understanding of the
company and the position they are recruiting for.

What does the company do? What is their main goal? What is their overall mission? What are their values? Are they
giving any hints about the company culture?

What position are they looking to fill? What is the main purpose of this position? How does this position help the
company/department meet its objectives? What types of tasks is this position responsible for?

What’s the required education or training? Amount and type of experience?

Education Experience

What are some of the required skills for this job? List the 5 hard skills and soft skills

Hard Skills Soft Skills

1. 1.

2. 2.

3. 3.

4. 4.

5. 5.

Assignment 1: Job Posting Analysis

Step 3: Identify your fit & qualifications
Finally, consider your own fit and qualifications for the role. Answer the following reflection questions
to begin to articulate how you can market yourself for to this employer. It is important to be detailed in
your answers as this will be the basis for your resume, cover letter and interview preparation.

What drew you to this company? What do you like about them – their product, service, values, missions, goals? How do
their values/goals align with yours? Would you be a good fit in with this company? Why?

What drew you to this role? What do you like about the duties/responsibilities? Which of the job duties have you
performed before? What did you do? You can draw from any paid, volunteer, academic, or extra-curricular experience
you have.

What is one area that you’ll need to develop to excel in this role? Is there any reason why you or the employer might be
hesitant about your ability to excel in this role?

Why do you think you’re a good fit / qualified for this position? List 5 reasons.






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